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Prescription Sunglasses: Smart Style Guide

prescription sunglasses

Thinking about snagging a pair of these awesome prescription sunglasses? But hold on, you probably have a few concerns, right? Like, why is there such a big difference in prices? Will your insurance chip in? How much will it set me back? No worries, we’ve got all the answers you need. Let’s get right into understanding why this is.

How Much Do Prescription Sunglasses Cost?

What Affects the Price?

The cost of these prescription sunglasses can change based on many factors. The type of material used for the frames (like metal or plastic), the brand, the quality of lenses and types of coatings. Fancy features on lenses, like non-polarized or polarized, multi-color tints, mirror tints, tints that change color in the sun and color choices.

What’s the Usual Price Range?

According to CostHelper, the price for these prescription sunglasses can be as low as $20 to more than $700. However, being in the industry for many years now, the true range today starts at around $150 to $500 or more.

Comparing Prices

You’ll find that prices can vary a lot. Some places like Ollie Quinn and other big box chains offer cool styles at lower prices. Then, there are mid-range and high-end options at local shops or optometry clinics. Online shops often have better deals than physical stores, mainly because of the difference in quality of frames and lenses they offer.

Choosing the Right Lenses and Frames

Types of Lenses

There are different kinds of lenses for these sunglasses. From an optical perspective, there are conventional lenses that are typically pre-made with no added features and come in base colors like, grey and brown. Then there are HD digital lenses, that are a bit more pricey but they allow for any types of customization, like polarization and all the fancy options.

Which Frames Work Best?

Not all frames work with every prescription. Especially if you have a higher prescription or have cheap frames that could easily break. The frames require a bezel for a prescription to be added.

Making Them Your Own

You can personalize your prescription sunglasses in many ways. Choose different colors for your lenses, add mirror coatings, or pick gradient tints. Frames come in various colors and materials. Have fun with it and choose multiple colors that would showcase your personality well!

polarized prescription sunglasses

Polarized Prescription Sunglasses

Why Polarized Lenses Rock

Polarized lenses are awesome because they reduce glare from surfaces like water or the sun reflection off vehicles. This makes things look clearer and can be a big help in driving or outdoor activities where glare is a problem. Like fishing, water boarding or any water activity.

Can You Get Them with a Prescription?

Yes, you can! At Not Another Eye Store, we offer all the features and customization. If you can imagine it, we can create it! So you can get the style and vision correction you need.

Why Do Prescription Sunglasses Cost More?

What Makes Them Pricier?

A few things can make these prescription sunglasses more expensive. The digital lenses that come with the customization are made to order. There is a lot of technology and processes that these lenses go through to make your perfect prescription sunglasses.

Are They Worth It?

Absolutely! They protect your eyes from the sun and help you see clearly. Plus, they look great, so they’re a fantastic accessory for both style and eye health.

Insurance and Your Prescription Sunglasses

Understanding Your Insurance

Insurance plans can be different, but many will help pay for your prescription sunglasses. It’s important to know what your plan covers, like how much they’ll pay and what kinds of expenses are included. Most benefit groups will not cover polarized sunglasses without a prescription, be sure to check with your provider.

Getting the Most Out of Your Insurance

To make the most of your insurance, pick frames and lenses that are within your plan’s limits. Also, know how to submit your claim. Some insurance plans might even give you discounts at certain stores. We can most definitly direct bill your benefit group at Not Another Eye Store.

Picking the Perfect Pair

What to Think About

When choosing your prescription sunglasses, think about your lifestyle, the shape of your face, and what you need for your vision. If you’re active, you’ll want durable frames that fit well. The shape of your face can help you decide on the style of frames that will look best on you.

Where to Shop

You can buy prescription sunglasses in many places. Online stores are convenient and often cheaper, but local shops like Not Another Eye Store, we will give you personalized care, take the time to create your perfect frames and lenses.