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About Us

At the heart of Inglewood, Calgary, lies a store that’s more than just about eyewear – it’s about you. Welcome to Not Another Eye Store, we understand that choosing eyeglasses isn’t just about vision; it’s an expression of who you are. And we’re here to make that choice a delightful experience.

We’ve felt the pinch of not getting the right value for our money, and we know the importance of quality eyewear. That’s why we’re passionate about ensuring that selecting eyeglasses becomes a joy, not a chore. We believe in fashionable eyewear that doesn’t just correct your vision but also complements your style.

Our love for Calgary runs deep. We’re proud supporters of local designers and brands, bringing you unique designs that resonate with the spirit of Calgary. Every pair of Eyeglasses in Calgary that we offer is a testament to our commitment to local talent and quality. With our unmatched warranty, we ensure that you’re taken care of even long after you left our store.

Our founders, having faced challenges in their eyewear journeys, envisioned a store where every customer feels valued. At Not Another Eye Store, you’re not just a customer; you’re family. We’re here to guide you, ensuring you find eyeglasses that fit your style, needs, and budget. With year-round promotions and discounts, we ensure value for every dollar you spend.

So, if you’re looking for an unparalleled eyewear experience in Calgary, you know where to find us. Let’s redefine eyewear shopping together!

Park conveniently just steps from our store! The parking lot is at the corner of 12th Street and 9th Avenue SE Calgary, right across from Spolombo’s.

Bring your parking ticket for a special bonus: we’ll deduct its cost from your glasses purchase!

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