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Fitting for Eyeglasses in Calgary

eyeglasses fitting calgary

Looking for the perfect fitting for eyeglasses in Calgary? You’ve come to the right place. With over five years of experience as an optician, I understand the importance of a great fit. It’s not just about clear vision – it’s about comfort, style, and feeling confident in your glasses. Get ready to see the world more clearly and express your personal style like never before.

The Right Fit for You

Every pair of eyes is unique, and so is every face. A perfect fit goes beyond the clarity of vision; it’s about how your glasses sit on your nose, how they frame your face, and how they complement your daily activities. In Calgary, we take pride in offering personalized fittings that consider your lifestyle, facial structure, and personal style.

How to Get a Good Fit for Your Glasses

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The journey to a good fit starts with precise measurements. In Calgary’s optical stores, we use advanced tools to measure your pupillary distance, temple length, and bridge width. We also consider your prescription and the frame’s material. During a fitting session, don’t hesitate to express any discomfort or vision concerns you might have.


Eye Glasses Re-Adjustments

Even the best-fitted glasses might need adjustments over time. Simple tweaks to the nose pads or temple tips can make a significant difference. In the realm of fitting glasses in Calgary, many opticians offer quick adjustments to ensure that your glasses always maintain optimal comfort and vision.

How to Adjust Glasses at Home

    • Adjust the Temples:
        • Warm up one temple using a hair dryer or by dipping it in a bowl of hot water.

        • Hold the glasses right-side-up with the frames facing you. Place your index finger under the bent part of the temple.

        • Gently push the temple end down with your other hand. Repeat with the other temple to ensure both sides are equal.

    • Tighten the Screws:
        • Use a glasses repair kit or a very small screwdriver to gently tighten the hinge screws.

        • This helps if the glasses have become loose over time.

    • Adjust the Nose Pads:
        • If your glasses have separate nose pads, hold the frames securely and gently push each nose pad closer together or farther apart to fit your nose comfortably.

        • Try on your glasses and adjust the nose pads as needed.

    • Other Techniques:
        • Apply wax to the nose pads to create friction and prevent slipping.

        • Attach adhesive silicone nose pads if your frames don’t have them.

        • Use an eyewear band or hair ties to secure the glasses in place.

        • Opt for oil-free facial care products if you have oily skin.

        • Consider using a glasses chain for additional support.

    • Professional Help:
        • If these home adjustments don’t work, it’s advisable to visit an optician for fitting your glasses in Calgary.

        • Discuss your main concerns with a licensed optician for a better fit.

Professional Fitting for eyeglasses in Calgary

frame adjustments

Calgary boasts a range of professional glasses fitting services. From boutique optical shops like Not Another Eye Store to large eyewear chains, you’ll find experts who can tailor your glasses to your specific needs. Expect personalized attention and advice on the best frames and lenses for your lifestyle.




FAQ Section

    • Should Glasses Cover Eyebrows? Ideally, glasses should complement your facial features without overshadowing them. They shouldn’t cover your eyebrows completely but should align comfortably with your brow line.

    • Are Glasses with Nose Pads Better Than Without? Nose pads offer adjustable comfort and a more customized fit, especially for those with a lower nose bridge. However, they may require more frequent adjustments.

    • Disadvantages of Nose Pads on Glasses? Some people find nose pads uncomfortable or prone to leaving marks. Opt for hypoallergenic pads or frames without pads if you face these issues.

    • Can I Get My Glasses Fitted Anywhere? For the best fit, choose a professional optician, especially in Calgary, where experts are equipped with the right tools and knowledge.

    • Does It Cost Money to Adjust Glasses? Many stores in Calgary offer free adjustments, but complex changes might incur a fee. Always inquire about the cost beforehand.


In conclusion, a well-fitted pair of glasses can significantly enhance your daily life. In Calgary, you have access to some of the best opticians and eyewear technologies. I encourage you to take advantage of these resources for your fitting needs. Remember, the right fit is about more than just clear vision; it’s about comfort, style, and your overall well-being.