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We’ve all been there – searching for that perfect pair of eyeglasses while trying not to break the bank. At Not Another Eye Store in Inglewood, we understand this frustration. From personal experiences and a genuine desire to make a difference, our store is a beacon for those seeking quality eyeglasses at an affordable price and we have sales year rounds to ensure you’re always getting the best value.
Our founders, having faced the very same challenges, envisioned a place where style meets affordability. A place where every individual, regardless of their budget, can find eyeglasses that resonate with their personality. With a vast collection of over 600+ frames, we’re not just another eyewear store; we’re a community hub where every face finds its perfect frame.
But our commitment goes beyond offering eyeglasses at discounted prices. With us you’re family and we’re here to guide you, to understand your needs, and to ensure that you walk out with more than just a pair of glasses. We’re here to offer an experience of comfort and security. From assisting in frame selection to direct billing your insurance providers, we’ve got your back.
Inglewood is our home, and its residents are our family. Every time you step into our store, you’ll feel that warmth, that genuine care. Supporting local has never felt this good. So, if you’re on the lookout for eyeglasses on sale or simply wish to be part of a community that values genuine connections, unique local brands then Not Another Eye Store awaits you with open arms.