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Specialty Lenses Calgary: Persona Lenses 

specialty lenses calgary

Hey Calgary, get ready to see the world like never before! In the heart of our city, there’s a local optical store that’s doing something extraordinary. They’ve joined forces with Canada’s own Riverside Optical Lab to bring something special to our streets – the amazing range of Persona prescription lenses. These aren’t just any lenses; they’re specialty lenses crafted in Calgary, for Calgarians. Each pair is a masterpiece of precision, designed to fit your life and your style. Ready to experience vision like never before? Let’s jump into the world of these game-changing lenses and see what all the fuss is about!

Specialty Lenses in Calgary: Persona Line Up 

Riverside Optical Lab’s Persona lens collection stands out for its advanced technology and personalized approach. Each lens type is crafted to enhance visual experiences in specific scenarios: 

persona camber

Persona Camber Lenses

Design: These lenses feature complex curves on both surfaces for superior vision correction. 


  • Camber B: Balanced design for active lifestyles. 
  • Camber D: Enhanced distance zone, ideal for outdoor activities. 
  • Camber N: Focused on near vision, perfect for reading and close tasks. 
  • Camber F: Gradual transition, suitable for first-time progressive lens users. 

Benefits: Improved reading zone, extended peripheral vision, and advanced digital back surface. 

persona elite plus

Persona PRO Elite Lens 

  • ClearTech Technology: Enhances optical quality in Free Form lenses. 
  • Astigmatism Gradient Map: Reduces astigmatism for a clearer experience. 
  • Variable Inset and Corridor: Customizable for different frame types. 
  • Benefits: Wider fields of vision and improved visual comfort. 
persona b-free

Persona PRO B-Free Bifocal

  • Digital Ray-Path® Technology: Optimizes the eye-lens system for quality and comfort. 
  • No Image Jump: Seamless transition between vision zones. 
  • Individual Parameters: Fully personalized lens design. 
  • Target Audience: Ideal for bifocal wearers and emerging presbyopes. 

Persona PRO Drive Lens

persona drive pro
  • Design: Tailored for drivers with enhanced lateral zones. 
  • Benefits: Improved dynamic vision and reduced postural stress while driving. 

Persona PRO SV Lens

persona sv hd
  • Thin Tech Optimization: Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Optimum Visual Quality: Combines optics and aesthetics. 
  • Expanded Field of Vision: Up to 50% wider vision compared to standard lenses. 

Riverside Optical Lab: The Backbone of Quality and Innovation 

Let’s shout out to Riverside Optical Lab! These are the champs behind our specialty lenses in Calgary. Even in tough times, they’ve been our vision superheroes. Their Persona range? It’s like they’re custom-made for your eyes only. They’re not just crafting lenses; they’re changing the way we see the world, one pair of eyes at a time!

A Local Calgary Store’s Commitment to Advanced Vision Care 

The local optical store in Calgary, in collaboration with Riverside Optical Lab, is dedicated to offering these state-of-the-art vision solutions. This partnership ensures that customers in Calgary have access to personalized, high-quality eyewear that caters to their unique visual needs and lifestyles. 

Click here to see about their NO-FAULT Warranty