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Safety Glasses over Prescription glasses

safety glasses over prescription glasses

In a world where our eyes are constantly exposed to potential hazards, the importance of eye protection cannot be overstated. Safety glasses, often overshadowed by their everyday counterparts – prescription glasses – are necessary in safeguarding our vision. While prescription glasses correct our sight, they fall short in shielding our eyes from the myriad of dangers lurking at work. This article coversthe advantages of safety glasses over regular prescription glasses, highlighting why they are an indispensable tool for eye safety. As we navigate through the specifics, let’s uncover the reasons that make safety glasses not just an option, but a necessity for eye protection.

How do Safety Goggles/Glasses Work?

Safety glasses are engineered with materials designed to withstand high impact and protect the eyes from dust, debris, and harmful chemicals. Unlike regular glasses, they encompass features like shatter-resistant lenses, side shields, and a secure fit that ensure comprehensive protection. These glasses act as a barrier against hazards, significantly reducing the risk of eye injuries.

Wearing Safety Goggles Over Glasses

For those who wear prescription glasses, safety goggles offer a convenient solution. Designed to fit comfortably over regular glasses, they ensure that vision correction does not compromise safety. It’s crucial to look for a snug fit and minimal fogging to maintain clear vision at all times.

The Benefits of Safety Glasses

Safety glasses offer unparalleled eye protection, meeting stringent safety standards to guard against physical and environmental threats. Their versatility makes them suitable for various settings, from industrial workspaces to outdoor activities. By adhering to safety standards, these glasses ensure your eyes are protected under all circumstances.

Safety Standard Ratings in Canada

In Canada, safety glasses must comply with the CSA Z94.3 standard, which specifies criteria for impact resistance, lens thickness, and durability. These standards are rigorous to ensure that safety glasses provide the highest level of protection, making them a reliable choice for eye safety.

Find Your Ideal Safety Eyewear at Not Another Eye Store

For a comprehensive range of safety glasses and goggles, visit Not Another Eye Store in Calgary. Located at 1321 – 9th Ave SE, Calgary, AB, we specialize in protective eyewear for all environments. Whether for work or outdoor activities, our selection combines safety with style and comfort. Drop by to discover the perfect fit for your needs with the help of our expert staff.


  • Q: Can I substitute regular eyeglasses for safety glasses?
  • A: Substituting regular eyeglasses for safety glasses is not advisable as they lack essential protective features.
  • Q: How can I tell if my prescription goggles are fitting correctly?
  • A: A correct fit for prescription goggles is evident when they rest snugly without discomfort, ensuring stable placement and comprehensive eye coverage.
  • Q: When is it necessary to replace safety glasses?
  • A: You should replace safety glasses upon noticing signs of wear such as scratches, cracks, or loosening. Regular annual inspections are recommended, with more frequent checks in high-risk or intensive use scenarios.
  • Q: Do you provide safety glasses for various work environments?
  • A: We provide a range of safety glasses designed for diverse work environments, including options with anti-fog lenses for humid conditions, tinted lenses for outdoor activities, and reinforced frames for industrial settings. Selecting glasses suited to the specific hazards of your environment is crucial.

Therefore, the superiority of safety glasses over regular prescription glasses is clear. They are not just an accessory but a vital shield for your eyes, offering full protection against a multitude of hazards. Embracing safety glasses is a proactive step towards preserving one of our most precious senses – our sight. Let this article serve as a reminder and a call to action: prioritize your eye safety with the right protection. Safety glasses are more than just a precaution; they are a commitment to your well-being and a testament to the saying, “better safe than sorry.”