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Prescription Eyeglasses in Calgary, Located in Inglewood

Founded by licensed opticians in 2020, Not Another Eye Store quickly became the go to place for prescription eyeglasses in Calgary, offering the coolest prescription eye glasses amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Located in Inglewood, we’re known for carrying unique LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL brands, top-quality lenses, unbeatable warranties, and sensible prices. Ensuring you receive outstanding value and care without overspending.

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Lifetime Service Guarantee

Complimentary minor repairs, nose pad replacements and deep ultrasonic cleaning

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Don't worry, we got your back! You won't have to do it yourself, we offer you the ease of direct billing from our store!

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If you're not happy with your glasses, we've got a day non-adapt period to work with you until we get you the vision and clarity you need

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Worried about spending a ton when you aren't covered? WE got you covered; we are Inglewood's affordable eyewear!


Save the hassle and let us send your insurance claim for you. We direct bill most insurance providers


Calgarians seeking prescription eye glasses find more than clear vision at our store; they leave with big smiles and aren’t shy about sharing their glowing feedback. We take pride in showcasing real stories of satisfaction from real people. Discover why so many trust us with their eyes and choose us for prescription eye glasses in Calgary by exploring their experiences.

  • The name really speaks for itself. It is not just another eye store. The staff took their time to make sure that the right frames were picked for my face shape. I am very particular about glasses and they have so many options it is hard to choose from. The customer service was absolutely exceptional. I will be coming back.

    Julia Hul Avatar Julia Hul
    December 8, 2020

    One of the few places where you actually come out liking the frames you choose. I’ve been to a few places since I always wore glasses but I just end up choosing a frame that doesn’t match me as much as i want it to. This place has people that help you choose frames and gives opinions that help you pick the best one for your face. In comparison to the few places i’ve gone to, their lenses are one of the lowest prices. Aside from that, they gave me a discount on the frame that I really wanted because it was one of the brand name ones. They really do want you to have the best experience!

    Czerlene Fernandez Avatar Czerlene Fernandez
    December 8, 2021

    Shopped here for a new pair of glasses that were much needed. The optician was lovely and super helpful! Amazing selection of frames for any budget and great quality too

    Ramneet Sandhu Avatar Ramneet Sandhu
    December 8, 2021
  • They created an unforgettable experience which exceeded my expectations. They greeted me instantly when I walked through the door. Asked me what brings me in, followed by a couple more questions creating a personalized approach to finding my next set of sunglasses. They asked me what activities will I be doing while wearing the sunglasses (sports, daily driving, fishing, etc.), and what style of sunglasses I am into. It felt like a customized experience. They focus on the little things. Like my head, which is small. I wanted sunglasses that compliment my small oval shaped face. Nothing over-sized that would make me look like Kate Gosselin (Google “Kate Gosselin sunglasses”, you’ll see what I mean). They treat customers equally. Low dollar or high dollar. It did not matter. They found me something affordable that was within my “ballin’ on a budget” lifestyle. Whether a customer is an eyewear enthusiast or inexperienced, they took their time to educate me on what polarized sunglasses do and what they are optimal for vs non polarized. I left the eye store that day informed, and looking sexy with some non polarized Ray Ban sunglasses. They created an atmosphere that felt conversational, inviting, and casual. Not a single point in time I was there did I feel like I was getting sold something. They did not hesitate when I asked to try on as many sunglasses I wanted. During this pandemic, some stores do not let customers touch items or try on clothing. At Not Another Eye Store,  I was welcome to hold, try on, and pose with the sunglasses in front of the mirror. I felt like a celebrity when trying on their Louis Vuitton but my cheap ass couldn’t afford them. After I found the Ray Bans they helped me select, they meticulously sanitized all of the sunglasses I had tried on. Once my selection was final, they customized the fit of the sunglasses to not fall off my small head. They adjusted the nose pieces to sit perfectly on my round button nose. I felt like a super star. I looked like one too. I recently bent one of the arms of my sunglasses. The staff/owner asked me to come back so they can readjust it for free. Well done, Not Another Eye Store, we’ll done.

    Patrich Zulueta Avatar Patrich Zulueta
    December 8, 2021

    Was looking for a new pair of sunglasses and stumbled upon this place. The staff was helpful but not pushy, which I liked. Looks like they just opened not to long ago but the owner tells me that they will be ordering a lot more product in. I will definitely be coming back when I need new prescription glasses.

    Lils D Avatar Lils D
    December 8, 2020

    Truly exceptional friendly customer service. They went out of their way to be helpful.

    eriksen dave Avatar eriksen dave
    August 8, 2022

recycling eyewear

In collaboration with CLERC, our Calgary store is a hub for eyewear recycling. We warmly welcome you to bring in your old prescription eye glasses, joining us on a mission that transforms them into a precious gift of sight for those in need. Be a part of this meaningful eyewear recycling journey with us.