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Eyeglasses Repair Services

eyeglasses repair service

Eyeglasses aren’t just for seeing better; they’re part of your everyday life. When they break, it’s a big deal, not just a minor hassle. Glasses come in all sorts of styles and materials, and each has its own set of issues. Metal frames can get bent out of shape, plastic ones might crack, and those small parts like screws and nose pads? They can really give you a headache. That’s where eyeglasses repair services step in. They know each material needs its own kind of fix, and that’s where the real challenge lies.

eyeglasses repair

Eyeglasses repair service vs DIY

Picture this: You’re trying to fix your metal frames with some pliers, and snap—now they’re in two pieces. Or, you’re adjusting plastic frames, and they crack under the pressure. DIY repairs can quickly turn into DIY disasters. Professionals, on the other hand, have specialized tools and techniques for each material, ensuring a repair that lasts. At Not Another Eye Store, we’re dedicated to restoring your frames to their original brilliance with unmatched expertise and attention to detail.

Cost and Duration

Yes, professional eyeglasses repair services might cost more than a DIY kit, but think of it as an investment. A proper fix can extend the life of your eyeglasses, saving you money in the long run. At Not Another Eye Store, our repair services begin at a modest $15 for quick fixes, including screw replacements, frame adjustments, and nose pad changes. For more intricate repairs or complete restorations, costs can escalate to $100 or beyond. Depending on the repair’s complexity, turnaround times can range from a mere 5 minutes to several weeks

eyeglasses repair services

7 Tips to Preventing Eyeglasses Damage

The best way to deal with broken glasses is to avoid breaking them in the first place. Here’s 7 tips to help you keep your eyeglasses in the best shape and to avoid any eyeglasses repair service.

  1. Handle with Care: Always treat your glasses delicately. Avoid rough handling or bending the frames unnecessarily.
  2. Use a Sturdy Case: Invest in a robust case for your glasses. This is crucial for protecting them when not in use.
  3. Proper Storage: Always store your glasses in their case. Avoid leaving them in places where they might be exposed to potential harm, like on a couch, bed, or car seat.
  4. Mindful Placement: Be conscious of where you set down your glasses. Never leave them in areas where they could be accidentally sat on or stepped on, such as on a chair or the floor.
  5. Regular Adjustments: Periodically check and adjust the fit of your glasses. Loose frames are more prone to falling and getting damaged.
  6. Clean Correctly: Use a microfiber cloth and suitable cleaning solution for your glasses. Avoid using rough materials or chemicals that can scratch or damage the lenses.
  7. Avoid Heat and Water: Keep your glasses away from excessive heat and water. These elements can warp the frames and damage lens coatings.

Glasses repair is a delicate balance between knowing when you can handle it yourself and when to call in the pros. Remember, a botched DIY job can end up costing more than a professional repair. Trust the experts to keep your vision clear and your glasses in top shape.