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Eyeglasses Frames: Understanding your Face Shape

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At Not Another Eye Store, we’ve learned a thing or two about eyeglasses frames. It isn’t just about what frames look good visually. It’s about finding what fits your face best and compliments your facial structure and skin tone. Now let’s dive into how you can do just that.

Understanding Face Shapes

The Art of Face Shapes While every face is a masterpiece and very unique in its own right. They can generally be classified into specific shapes based on their structural nuances.

  • Oval: Harmonious features with a chin slightly narrower than the forehead.
  • Square: Prominent, angular traits with a pronounced forehead.
  • Round: Gentle curves with pronounced cheeks.
  • Heart: A broad forehead that narrows down to a delicate chin.
  • Diamond: Distinct cheekbones set against a narrow forehead and jawline.
  • Triangle: A robust jawline that narrows upwards to a slender forehead.

Identifying Your Face Shape

By using a mirror or a clear photograph, outline your face’s perimeter. Assessing facial dimensions can further refine your face shape identification. It’s crucial not to fixate on a single feature. Your face shape emerges from the interplay of all facial elements.

Pairing Eyeglasses Frames with Face Shapes

1. The Oval: Harmonious features. The forehead is narrower than the cheekbones, and the face is longer than wide

Suggestions: Rectangle, Oval, Square, Round frames, most frames will suit this face shape.

Avoid: Excessively broad or narrow frames.

2. The Square Face Traits: Bold, forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are the same width.

Suggestions: Round, oval, and wire frames.

Avoid: Overly angular frames.

3. The Round Face: Gentle curves, a rounded hairline and jawline

Suggestions: Rectangle, Square, and Geometric frames.

Avoid: Petite, round frames.

4. The Heart Face: The forehead is narrower than the cheekbones, the jawline is the narrowest, and the chin is pointed.

Suggestion: Oval, round, and aviator styles.

Avoid: Excessively ornate frames.

5. The Diamond Face: An angular oval face with high, strong cheekbones wider than the forehead length.

Suggestion: Brow line, cat-eye, round, and oval styles.

Avoid: Narrow frames that amplify cheek width.

6. The Triangle Face: Tapering forehead, high cheekbones and a narrow jaw

Suggestions: Rectangle, browline, and cat-eye styles.

Avoid: Frames broader at the bottom.

Insider Tips for Eyeglasses Frames

1. Color Matching: Through years of assisting clients, we’ve observed the importance of aligning frame colors with skin undertones. If your complexion radiates warm undertones, shades like brown, gold, and honey are ideal. For those with cool undertones, black, gray, and blue frames are often the most flattering. Individuals with neutral undertones benefit from a broader color palette.

2. Frame Size and Proportions: Our extensive experience has taught us the significance of a well-fitted frame. It’s essential to select frames that match your face width, ensuring your eyes are centered within the lens. The bridge should rest comfortably on your nose, and the temples should reach your ears without causing any discomfort.

3. Current Trends in Eyewear: Over the years we see the new trends are always changing. While retro, minimalist, and bold designs have gained popularity, we always emphasize the importance of comfort. They are on your face all day, everyday. It’s important to choose a style that not only looks good but also feels right.


Finding the right glasses can make all the difference in your day to day. It’s all about understanding your face and what suits it. At Not Another Eye Store, we’re here to help you find that perfect pair. So, take your time with us, we will make the time and effort to let you explore your options. Don’t forget, that the best glasses are the ones that make you feel as good as you look.