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Eye Store Calgary: Supporting Local Brands

eye store calgary

Hey Calgary! Welcome to Not Another Eye Store, your go-to eye store in Calgary for local and authentic eyewear. We’re more than just a shop; we’re part of the community, showcasing the coolest eyewear from right here in our city. Our store in Inglewood is home to some amazing local brands like WAITT, TISUN, FISALY, and ALISTAR, each reflecting the unique spirit of our Calgary community.


Cool Glasses, Cooler Story

WAITT started right when things got tough during COVID-19. Two best friends with a history in fashion teamed up to create something new. They turned their passion for style into designing unique eyewear, starting an exciting journey in fashion together. It’s more than just glasses; it’s about sticking together. Their motto? “We’re All In This Together.” WAITT’s got all kinds of styles, from super sleek to really fun and colorful. WAITT frames are made lightweight, so you barely feel them.


For Sunny Days and Stylish Ways

Next up is TISUN, capturing the fun vibe of Calgary. They began with sunglasses and now make regular glasses too. TISUN’s all about mixing the latest styles with a personal touch. Wearing TISUN means wearing a smile. TISUN frames are crafted to be light on your face, durable for everyday use, and comfortable so you can enjoy those sunny Calgary days without a worry.


Classic Looks for Everyone

FISALY’s been around for a while, and they know a thing or two about looking good. Their glasses are all about classic style and feeling comfy. FISALY’s a big name here and even beyond Calgary, known for their elegant designs.


Glasses Made with Love

Finally, we’ve got ALISTAR, started by two brothers right here in Calgary. They focus on making glasses that feel great and look great. ALISTAR believes everyone should have glasses that fit perfectly and make them happy.

At Not Another Eye Store, the premier eye store in Calgary, we take pride in supporting local brands and sharing a piece of Calgary with you. Drop by, find your perfect pair, and join us in celebrating the style and spirit of our city!