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$50 Eye Exam Near Me

eye exam near me

Looking for an Affordable Eye Exam Near Me? Discover Inglewood’s Best Option!

Ever wondered about the difference between a full-blown eye health exam and a prescription sight test? Let’s simplify it for you. A prescription sight test gives you an up to date prescription, minus the health checks for conditions like glaucoma or cataracts. So, if your primary goal is to snag those stylish frames you’ve been eyeing, our sight test is your go-to option. Located in the heart of Inglewood, we offer this service at a fraction of the usual cost of a full health exam, saving you around $100!
A quick heads-up: If you do wear contacts, please ensure that you do not come to your appointment wearing them. We do need you to switch to glasses for the test to ensure accuracy. Ready for this service that saves you time and without the hefty price tag? Schedule your appointment with us today and enjoy our special $50 Prescription Sight Test offer. Book NOW!
*Note: Our sight tests are only available for ages 19-64. Dive into clear vision with us!