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At Not Another Eye Store, we offer prescription sight tests. Enjoy the convenience of direct billing for prescription eyeglasses. Benefit from our referral program, earning savings and free upgrades. Even without benefits, our budget-friendly options ensure top-notch eye care that respects your wallet.

Eye Exam Cost

Concerned about eye exam costs? If you’re simply looking to update your prescription, a prescription sight test is your ideal choice. So if you’re squinting at the signs or driving at night is a blur, book your exam now and clear things up. Come see what you’ve been missing!

Direct Billing

We have direct billing available so you won’t have to do it yourself.  Unfortunately, prescription sight tests are not eligible for direct billing, however we can direct bill your prescription eyeglasses.  Some providers we direct bill to are (but is not limited to):

  • Sunlife
  • Manulife
  • Canada Life (previously named Great West Life)
  • Alberta Blue Cross
  • Green Shield 

Referral Program!

Ask us about our referral program, how sharing is caring. Introduce your friends and family to our local shop, and both of you will benefit! With our referral program, you’ll receive additional savings on your next purchase or free upgrades! With us, you’re family and it’s our way of saying thank you!

No benefits? No problem!

The eye exam cost alone is of great value!  However, we’ve got your back even more! We’re dedicated to ensuring everyone gets top-notch care without breaking the bank. No benefits? No problem! With our budget-friendly options, your eyewear needs are in good hands. Visit us and experience quality care that respects your wallet!

eyeglasses repair service

Minor glasses repair services, addressing issues like loose screws and misaligned frames with precision and care. We do other frame repairs and fixes. Give us a call for more details

Partnered with CLERC, we invite you to recycle your old eyewear at our store. Join us in this impactful journey, turning your used glasses into a gift of vision for someone in need. 
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recycling eyewear

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