BOGO $99

For a limited time, Not Another Eye Store brings you Buy One Get One for $99 (BOGO $99)!

We are doing an inventory blowout and giving you the best deal to start off your new year with our BOGO $99 deal.  This offer is not limited to one person; so, bring your friends and family for this exclusive deal. 

Purchase any prescription glasses or sunglasses and your friend or family can receive the 2nd pair of prescription glasses with our BOGO $99.  Want a new pair for everyday and one at the office? No problem, buy your first pair of glasses and receive your 2nd pair of office glasses with our BOGO $99.  Progressive lenses can be expensive but not with our deal because your 2nd pair of progressives will cost only $99.  Don’t like progressive lenses? You can get your distance glasses and receive your reading pair for $99.  There’s plenty fish in the sea but can you see them? With our polarized sunglasses, you’ll be sure to not miss a fish out there and you can receive your 2nd pair of glasses with our BOGO $99.  Everything in our store from designer to safety’s is included in this exclusive deal.  

We have over 800 frames to choose from, so we’ll have something for everyone.  Don’t miss out Calgary’s best deal on prescription glasses or sunglasses today! BOGO $99! 

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