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Benefit From Blue Light Lenses

blue light glasses

The Screen Time Reality

Hey there! Let’s dive into something we all face – our screen time. Alcon Canada’s got the lowdown, revealing we’re stuck to our screens for about 11 hours daily. That’s a lot of scrolling and clicking on phones, tablets, and computers. And guess what? This screen marathon is doing a number on our eyes.

Digital Eyestrain: The Modern Eye Nemesis

Here’s the deal: 67% of us are battling digital eyestrain. It’s that annoying eye fatigue after a screen-filled day. The culprit? Less blinking when staring at screens, leading to dry and tired eyes.

Enter Blue Light Glasses

Now, let’s switch gears to the heroes of our story – blue light glasses. These aren’t your average glasses. Our eyes struggle with blocking blue light, and it’s even tougher for kids. Blue light glasses act like knights in shining armor for your eyes, blocking harmful screen light from causing potential damage.

More Than Just Protection

But these glasses aren’t just about defense. They’re your secret weapon against eyestrain, filtering out the harsh light so your eyes can take it easy. And here’s a bonus – they help with sleep too. By aiding melatonin production, these glasses can lead to better zzz’s.

Not All Glasses Are Created Equal

Remember, blue light glasses vary in quality. Curious about how ours measure up? We’ve got a video showdown coming up, comparing our glasses to others. We use special lenses that react to sunlight to show you the real deal on blue light blocking.

As you can see, the glasses with a tint and highlights of blue in their lenses have only some blue light protection.  Our ophthalmic grade blue light lenses are barely noticeable and offer maximum protection.

For more info, check out Alcon Canada’s insights on our screen habits and eye health. It’s an eye-opener!