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Benefit From Blue Light Lenses

Technology is everywhere, to some it is a basic survival tool that is necessary in today’s world.  Alcon Canada conducted a survey with 1,500 Canadians, reporting that adults on average are spending nearly 11 hours per day staring at blue-light screens. These blue-light screens can be from either their phones, tablets, or computers screens. From this survey, 67% of the individuals suffered from digital eyestrain; A condition caused from pro-longed use of digital devices. It is one of the biggest contributing factors to why people suffer from dry eyes, causing individuals to blink less. Further causing less tears to be formulated and decreasing the lubrication of your eyes. You may be able to benefit from blue light lenses.

The Benefits of having blue light glasses:

  1. The eye is not very good at blocking blue light, even more so in children.  As the lenses of their eyes are more transparent than an adult, harmful UV rays are more easily transmittable. Having blue light glasses will help assist in the prevention of these damaging blue light from reaching the retina which could lead to macular degeneration.
  2. Digital eyestrain is very common with pro-longed use of digital devices.  Blue light glasses will immensely help in the filtering of harmful blue light emitted from your digital devices. Therefore, it will enhance your focus and reduce eye strain. 
  3. Wearing blue light glasses while on digital devices helps in the efficiency of melatonin production in the body.  Better melatonin production gives you even better sleep.

These are the primary benefits from blue light lenses. Now that we understand how essential it is to have blue light glasses, how do I know if my lenses are blocking blue light? Well, not all blue light glasses are made equal. We will demonstrate in the video below, just how our ophthalmic grade blue light lenses compare to other brands. As we know, transitional lenses darken when exposed to UV. In the video below, you will see us using a transitional lens to demonstrate just how much blue light is penetrating the lens.

As you can see, the glasses with a tint and highlights of blue in their lenses have only some blue light protection.  Our ophthalmic grade blue light lenses are barely noticeable and offer maximum protection.

If you have any more frequently asked questions, we answered them here.

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