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About Progressive Lenses

What are progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses offer people who are both nearsighted and farsighted. These lenses are designed to be worn everyday throughout the day. Moreover, you are able to use them for viewing something in the distance, or reading something up close, as well as having some intermediate distance.

How do you get used to progressive lenses?

There is always a learning curve when you are a first time progressive lens wearer. However, to help your eyes adjust, wear your progressive lenses first thing in the morning. In addition, do not switch from single vision to progressive, or different prescriptions. Lastly, to best adapt to your lenses, point your nose at what your want to see clearly, and raise/lower your chin until you get the best vision.

What frames can I choose?

When selecting your frame for progressive lenses, make sure to select a bigger frame for more lens coverage. Choosing a smaller frame will take away from your reading area and not give you the best overall experience. We offer a wide range of frames to choose from that accommodate progressives.

The disadvantages

Firstly, there is a learning curve, like we have already described. Bifocals or Trifocal lenses have a visible line where people know exactly where to look in order to read. With progressive lenses, some people can never get used to the gradual change in prescription.

Secondly, they have some peripheral distortion on the outer edges of the lower part of your lenses. This becomes more prominent with higher prescriptions.

Thirdly, they are not the best option for long periods of computer use. If you need lenses for computer use, there are lenses uniquely designed for just computer and reading.

The advantages

Firstly, the lenses are customized to your prescription, and have both your distance all the way to near prescriptions in one lens, so you only need one pair of glasses.

Secondly, there are no lines on these lenses, in comparison to bifocals and trifocal lenses. Bifocals/Trifocals are an older style of lenses, which is more often associated with old age. With progressive lenses, you will feel more comfortable in them.

Thirdly, in more expensive lenses, you will have less distortion and better field of view throughout the lenses.


The only way that you know if progressives will work for you is to try them. We offer a 90 day non-adapt guarantee. This means we can offer you distance or reading lenses instead of the progressive lenses in case they don’t work out for you. Click here to read more about Progressive Lenses.

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